I hate when people eat with their mouth open, talk to me with their mouth full, or smack their mouth on food around me. YUCK YUCK YUCK !!

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6 Responses Feb 16, 2009

I don`t find that gross but I do think it looks dumb, like a fish. I always finish my bite before I talk. Or I try replying with signs

I think it is really rude only time I ever made noises even if it was talking at a table was when I had a peanut allergy and I was swelled so big I couldn't help it because they kept asking me stuff and the rule was if you was asked something and didn't answer you got busted in the mouth or paddled but I really liked the other rule which was kids was to be seen and not heard until spoken to that one was alot easier for me to follow

I hate slurping too.

I had a friend that did that and I told him go to the barn and eat with the cows until he learns some manners I know I was rude but he was makeing me feel sick

Horrifying sometimes even.