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Then you wont be disappointed and i wont get so irratated. Im not interested in looking at pics of your wife. Or your **** (unless i choose to without been asked to do so) I wont exept your add if all your interests are only related to sex and nothing but sex. Anyone that has even bothered to look at my stories and profile will know that already! Yes i love sex and looking at other peoples naughty pics, but on my terms, with those I choose to, and am attracted to. Yes i post pics of myself that might be considered sexy for and only for the viewing of my friends on here that have bothered to take the trouble of getting to know me before they ask what sexual position i prefer.
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I like your way of thinking nakedpoet! You are truly on my wavelength...and when and if you read any of my stories, there is nothing in them (or at least i think) that leads anyone to believe i enjoy trading pics with them. Ive tried everything, from writing a story about how i enjoy wearing faded manky beige pants that come up to just below my armpits....but no the sex maniacs in the dark corner of ep even see that has a turn on! So i give up!

What sex position? I don't know why I'm surprised, because I'm a bloke, but I've still had some belters - but does anyone really lead with that question. I'd suggest you respond with "Massive strap-on and no lube," but I'm pretty sure that a lot of people would take that as encouragement.<br />
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The ones that always used to irritate me..? Back before I got to be a bit bi-curious, gay men would approach me with various colourful offers.<br />
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"Sorry, but I'm not gay," I would answer.<br />
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"Doesn't matter; I'm bi," would be the response.<br />
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I couldn't even begin to point out the complete lack of sense in that logic.

Hi. I think i qualify for all those things u wrote there in story. Will u add me?

Snookybear i find that not always but most of the time when i add people whom are solely here for just sex, they view my pics and i never hear from them again. Not the reason im on ep.

I agree life is more than sex.

(a) I understand and agree with your position. I always review profiles before I add someone and try not to add anyone who does not, at least, have multiple experiences in common with me. (b) I can only imagine the volume of explicitly sexual material directed at a lady here.

You are a gem my friend. I enjoy reading (and learning) from you. You are a real Sweetheart and I luv your style and you.

Yes 40f5 and it never ends, i just logged on this morning to a mesage "Er add me, i cant seem to see your pics otherwise!" Grrr! Thats because they are private! For friends only! And myth you are correct, a pretty picture does not always equal wanting to trade naked pics with anybody that asks!

Yes im sure you would be an incredible date nudy! And an even better desert (wink) x

Well hth13 depends on the mood....after a question like that probably the old "Poke in both eyes" fav about foreplay! I want champers and fine dining first!