Is Your Profile Offensive Enough To Turn Me Off?

Personally, I don't mind if you add me, you just have to be nice and explain what caught your interest even if it's only a comment on another story, a picture or a personal experience I shared.

Most women who share sexually-themed experiences will unavoidably get hit on by guys who have nothing in their profile but sexual interests and sex on the brain (btw, it's not true that men think with their ****, if they did, it would be flatlined most of the time, oh wait, maybe that explains a lot....)
So, even if a woman has nothing but sexual stories and experiences in her profile, it should not mean she had an open door policy and that everything goes. Even the freakiest of the freaks have their special interests and needs and one would be presumptuous to perfectly match them.

It seems this addresses most of the complains I've read about people adding others without reading their profiles.
It's okay to have adult interest, you have to be polite and considerate of others and not shove them in their faces.
You can reorder your interest lists so that it shows non-offensive groups in front and then you'll show a much better front and stand a better chance to be accepted for ALL that you are and not the part that's obsessed with sex.

KnottyG KnottyG
41-45, M
Aug 13, 2010