Don't Like People Who Don't Reply

I know no one in the world is that busy that they don't have time to reply to their mails. I hate these kind of people.

It shows lack of respect and manners. I don't need these kind of people. I always make sure that I have replied to all of my mails. I even write back to those people who criticize me. I believe it's very important and it must be done.
Titan007 Titan007
22-25, M
2 Responses Jul 21, 2010

At least U have people to reply to

As long as someone responds within a reasonable amount of time....then I'm fine.<br />
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Expecting people to reply immediately is too much because we actually do live in a busy, hectic world.<br />
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I understand though, that no response sucks. (I'm going through that with a few people right now).