Dont Need Them

Ok, Im not much of a conversation starter...I tend to be shy at first until I become comfortable talking to the person. If I do try to start a conversation, its because Im genuinely interested in getting to know the person...but there are times when I dont get replies, ever, until like 4 months or none at all. I really, well, I really dont like those kind of people. If its something about me, wether Im boring or I just suck, it would be better to tell me straight up. I like to stay in touch with people who know me, I never forget...but it kinds hurts that they do.
ConLocura ConLocura
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 8, 2010

Yeah.. A month is kinda understandable but much longer is annoying. I love ya too much to not talk to you for 4! Months :D