Aggressive Ignorance

It gets me so irritated when I post something on someone's wall, obviously aiming for a response and don't get anything! It doesn't help when that person is supposed to be my girlfriend either...I look around and in an effort to disprove an implied notion of premeditated intent on her part I dismiss the lack of a response to her not being on facebook....but when she obviously gets on and does things like change her status or such like, I GET ANGRY!! It is not even so much a loss of communicative convenience on my part that gets me so wound up. It is the feeling of rejection, unimportance and dispensability propagated from the knowledge that someone, who is important to you whats more, has read your post, and not even been significantly interested to so much as acknowledge that you did it....When a person allready has a low self esteem and problem taking risks, this kind of occurence does much in the way of exacerbating an already unfortunate circumstance. It also doesn't help when you haven't seen this person for like two weeks, and they don't respond to your sms's either.....sigh...
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Facebook is just getting out of control and people's true personality is showing. When face to face, we're too timid to act our true self. When we are alone and on the screen, we forget all about acting and also forget about how to respect people. Facebook was a good social network idea but it's getting too violent .....cyber bullying....and I just want someone to take this site out of the universe !

So glad to know I'm the only one who lets this stupid sh!t on Facebook get them down. I'm WAY too old to be like this, too, which makes it worse. I thought by my age I would be too mature and have too much self esteem to be upset because someone didn't write on my "wall."

me too.........i have been annoyed by facebook for a variety of reasons lately........but when you post and no one responds especially significant people in your life it is very hurtful

glad I'm not the only one lol

I am ashamed to say that I know exactly how you feel

it gets on my nerves too... it really is stupid

awww, thx harmony....I really appreciate the sentiments :)..I hope something changes tho :(

this is all so sad... I know why you're angry :(