Has Anyone A Thankful Heart?

I just returned from visiting relatives that I hadn't seen in years.  I was very happy about seeing them again, so I brought with me quite a few gifts to give to my long lost relatives.  Here are some of the things I gave the non appreciative relatives.  Gas money - not a thank you   - restaurant meals twice - not a thank you  - 3 new baby outfits for my cousins daughters - not a thank you - old pictures of family - not a thank you - 3 sets of heirloom glasses - not a thank you - and the best one is I gave a beautiful silver mink coat that belonged to my mother who passed away to my cousin - not a thank you.  Then when I got home from my trip and called to say I was home, I thought for sure I would  get some acknowledgement of the gifts I had given -  NOTHING - Why are people so rude and miserable that they can't say thank you.  Funny thing is the cousin who I gave the mink coat to asked me how I liked the jar of pickled onions she gave me.   My husband thinks I'm crazy for going overboard with the gifts.  I like to be nice and kind to people, but I can't believe people can be so unappreciative.  Just wondering what others think of this.  Thanks
jeanneinstpeters jeanneinstpeters 56-60 2 Responses Jul 14, 2011

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The problem is people take goodness for granted; I'm slowing learning to say no and ignore strangers, some people were not taught manners; I put the blame on parents not properly raising their children. It is a sad reality is that some children are raising themselves.<br />
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They are your family I would stop giving them things; do you they do anything for you?

I'd be pissed off too, don't blame you at all.