So Do Something!

Ok, i will! I'll walk my talk, i will feed and care for all four legged homeless animals. I have done it most of my life. I find strays and take them him, feed and love them. If i can find homes i will. They normally end up a part of my family. Some folks tell me... hey don't you know that you could save yourself so much money if you didn't take in every lost animal you ran across. :~/ WTF! If i did feel that way i would give up my cancer sticks and stop smoking. But anyways....

I have just joined the pet rescue for my home town. It was by chance too. The founder and director of TLC Pals 4 Paaws was wanting me to help care for an elderly woman ...i couldn't.... but we ended up talking about all my beautiful animals and.... well... I have signed the papers to be a helper for the rescue group. We are having a poker run next month, i have all this information and things that will help me to care for the dropped off pets i have now. I am so happy to be a part of this.

My first goal here on EP is i will feed all homeless four legged animals.... my goal has become reality. *smile*
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1 Response Jun 11, 2011

Hi Tigerlilly! *smile* Just went to their site and checked them out. The founder for the group here in Spencer county is a mighty fine lady. We hit it off instantly. So, i have a project now!!!! lol... I am so proud. Thanks hon. Oh... yup, money ain't everything, i just learned that lesson a few weeks ago. I know now what is imporant in "my life."