I Do My Share

My house both inside and out is filled with animals that someone else didn't want. I live out in the sticks so it's not a problem and I have plenty of room for them.

Come on people, take a close look at your situation before you get a pet. Can you really take on the awesome responsibility of caring for a pet?
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2 Responses Dec 18, 2011

Horse, chickens, ducks, peacocks, cat, dogs, racoons. I was going to get a llama or a buffalo. But, cost of feed these days. ( mutters, pours drink)

I'm going thru that right now, my circumstances changed and now it's very hard to care for my pets.<br />
Still, I wont give up. All my kids are grown and care for themselves (Thankfully) You wont find my pets on Craigslist w/an ad saying "I don't have the money or the time" I fully understand there are some real hard luck cases that become helpless but I think too many folks think someone else will do a better job when in reality they send their beloved pets from the pan to the fire.