We Can't Save Enough!

I am sitting here on my couch right now, with my dog Isadora, who I rescued a few states away from me. And my foster furbaby Pete, not understanding how anyone could hurt or let go of either of these wonderful babies. My beautiful girl, i adopted when she was 10 weeks old, it was one of those I saw her picture by chance on petfinder thinngs, fell in love and had to have her no matter where she was. She is about 8 months now, and she is absolutely incredible. Now Pete wasn't so lucky, a purebred Pitbull terrier, when he first came to the rescue, they picked him up only 25 pounds. a month later he is 62. He gained 40 pounds in a bit over a month, and he still has a long ways to go. The poor boy had scars and scrapes along his hind end, indicating him trying to get away, and failing. Right at this moment, he is snuggling with my puppy, the worst thing he does is counter surf and beg, but can you blame him... he was completely emaciated, id be obsessed with food if i didn't eat nothing for as long as he did. Its gonna be so hard to let him go, if we let him go. I really really don't understand how someone could hurt someone, or something with so much love in there hearts. A creature that after all that pain and suffering, torture, torment, and neglect, could come out of it, with all this trust and will to want to please you! I am so tired of hearing how horrible these dogs are... what about the people that force them to fight for there lives, give them a reason to fear us, give them a reason to be defensive, give them a reason to be more like us, instead of who they really are.. perfect.
Gene86 Gene86
26-30, F
Apr 27, 2012