Cat's Are Precious Animals, Look After Them.

It angers me so much. My neighbour has got a gorgeous cat, Lola. She's grey and tabby and she really is beautiful, she's 8 months old and they brought her when she was 3 months old. That's when they loved her the most. Now she's older they treat her differently, they've thrown away her litter tray because they think they don't need it any more because Lola is always outside. The reason she's always outside is because they never let her in. I heard the other week the man of the house said 'I want to get rid of this ******* cat' then why did you get her in the first place? I've already got a cat, Rosie and she doesn't get along with Lola, if she did I would of let Lola live with me a long time ago. The other day it was raining hard all day, my neighbour was out and like always Lola was outside too, in the rain drinking from puddles, I felt so sorry for her I had to give her some of my cat's food. She's only 8 months old, some cat's don't live a long life anyway and Lola shouldn't be wasting her life drinking from puddles, having to search for food in the bin bags and sleeping outside, especially in the type of weather we have. I love animals and I can't stand people who treat their pets that way, I know I shouldn't get involved since it's their cat but I have to live with it, and see it everyday. I have to watch them treat her that way and the way the kids push and drag Lola around makes me want to scream at them. I'm sure if Lola went missing they wouldn't even notice. The photo below is Lola, she's a gorgeous cat who doesn't deserve to be treated that way and if they don't stop then I will do something. You don't have a pet if you have no time for them. Lola isn't a wild cat so she shouldn't be treated like one. Anyone agree with me that animals are family too? And should be treated like family.
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I'm a cat lover too and to me a cats life is just as special as a humans. I had a cat for 20 years when she passed away part of me did too...

She is so cute!!^_^ They shouldnt be treating their cat that way!! It makes me soo mad even thought im a dog person i still dont treat cats bad.... If i were you i would keep her but you already said you have a cat that doesnt get along with her :(

I'm a dog person too but I love my cat and I could never hurt her. My cat annoys me sometimes but I could never treat her bad. No animal deserves that. And yeah I would of kept Lola but my cat doesn't like her, my auntie was thinking of catnapping her lol, but if they don't stop treating her right then I will report them.

Yea just because im a dog person i dont think i should treat a cat bad, LOL your aunt should catnap her before something serious happends! Im glad your thinking about reporting them if they dont stop.

Like instead of the cat going to the pound your auntie should get her