I Wish I Could Steal Their Dog.

My neighbors tie their beautiful huskey puppy up allllll day long. I can't even remember how many times I've brought her out some water and she's been so thirsty. I've called the town about this, supposedly they've talked to the owner of the pup, but nothing has changed. I just want to steal her , hearing her cries while she's tied up in the heat honestly break my heart.
halez94 halez94
4 Responses May 21, 2012

sick P.E.T.A. on them

Report them, I'm pretty sure that constitutes abuse. All dogs are descended from wolves, but dogs such as huskies (who strongly resemble wolves) are more closely related. They need LOTS of room and exercise.

i agree with you but i hate cleaning dog poop

do you have an spca where you live? (society for the provention of cruelty to animals)...there has to be some sort of animal advocacy nearby....i had a similar situation next door.,.someone called before me, and took the dog away....the best thing ever!....check around and do that dog the best favor ever!