2 Dogs, 2 Cats, A Bunny And A Two Year Old Child.

My friend is watching his tenants pets. They have 2 old dogs who are 12 and 15 years old, two older cats who are about the same age and a bunny. 

First I heard how my friend is suppose to take care of this bunny. He is to feed the bunny lettuce and carrots, thats it. He also said that the owners of the bunny have told him that the bunny is mean. This bunny doesnt seem to get a lot of attention which makes most bunnies skittish and a bit grumpy/scared of you. You also have to factor in if the bunny is neutered or not. It is a male bunny and they tend to get agressive if not neutered.  

After that I learned about how the dogs are fed. The female who is 12, gets to eat first. If she doesn't eat the male gets to eat his food and her food. My friend said "That must happen a lot because Rocky is pretty big". 

I gave my friend some strawberries, a good chunk of water mellon and some bunny food so that the bunny actually gets some kind of nutrition and not just "junk food". I also told my friend that bunnies should be eating ALL day long. They should not get fed twice a day like a cat or dog would so for the next few days im going to help my friend in every way possible to make sure these animals get the best care they can get while their owners are gone.

My friend also told me that the dogs only need a 10 minute walk. I can understand that but I almost want to see how long the dogs are willing to walk for and maybe take them on a hike or something. The owners walk them the same exact walk every day and that im sure can get very boring. I know they are old and they will probably have a hard time walking but i want to make sure that they are happy with the walk they take and not bored of it and also make sure that the owners aren't just slacking off.

These people also have a two year old little boy who im sure is a handful which is probably why the animals dont egt the attention and care they want or need, in the bunnies case.
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It sounds like they dont know how to care for a Bunny !

My friend updated me and told me the bunny had hay and pellets but I still dont think the bunny is getting fed enough.