No One Thinks About The Family Pet Outside

A couple of days ago, I heard on the news about how hot it was, how not to get heat stroke, drink plenty of water and so on, then a news bullteten came on about two dogs that were left in the car when the temps were hovering round 100 degrees outside.

The dogs were left in the car, windows up while the ownerg was inside the store shoping for three hours. She came out wondering why people were around her car. When she got there, two dogs were found dead on the back floor boards, Police figured they were trying to find the lowest point where the heat was less severe.

What I don't understand, anyone who owns pets know that you don't take your pet out with you in the car unless you are takig them to the lake or the beach. How anyone can forget a amily memer like that shouldn't own pets or have children. Thats another story.

So anyone who have pets have to remember that they are sesitive to the outdoors more than we are because they have a fur cat year round. If you have to bring them, brig a coupe gallons of water with you, to make sure you and your pet ae hydrated on days like this.

Think about your pets as family members, if you do then things like this will stop.

My opinion is, this is the worse kind of neglect there is next to beating your animal.
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My dogs are inside dogs. They only go out just to take care of their business. I never like them to be outside becuase I don't trust my neighbors to always be nice to them (especially since I live next to a house with a kazillion kids who often liter my backyard and throw things at them). I also fear that one day someone may kidnap them and then they're in the wrong hands, possibly wondering where we are.<br />
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But it is sad and I honestly think owners who left their dogs in the car were careless and probably had a few things on their mind as shopping CAN be very distracting. But I'm sure they felt pretty bad afterward and also experiencing humiliation by those that were around her car.

God point FashionQueen, ho I feel is, ther isn't any god excuse.

Beach the gene pool again? who bleached it in the first place?

I did. But apparently I missed a bunch of spots...

You know all this week the media warned urged people to make sur you take care of your pets andso on.<br />
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The horror of laving pets in the car is one thing, same thing happened with hree children left in the car last year while mum went into the casino.<br />
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So when you hear stories like this, they are the same ones who will do the same with children.

So true.... I don't understand HOW someone can do this...we need to bleach the gene pool again!

I half wish you hadn't posted this; I HATE these stories *cries*. I'm not sure what people don't understand about not leaving animals in a baking car. There should be huge fines for this; not only when it's too late to save them, but for any animal left alone locked up in a car. Sometimes hitting people in the wallet is the only way to get their attention.