It More Than P***** Me Off

There is a women in my 10 pin bowling league that backyard breeds her American bulldog x Staffy with her Staffy male. This dog has had mastitis so bad that her nipple exploded which could have killed the dog but she allowed this dog to get pregnant agian and sold the puppies for $500 each on FB. Instead of spending money on desexing these dogs she spoils her daughter and spends the money on hair extentions and her husbands illegal tatooing buisness.
When one of the cats ran away instead of trying to track this cat she replaces the cat with a kitten that was "free to good home". I think all of the puppies from the first litter died within 6 months or something due to getting hit by cars and stuff. IDK. The first litter was about 11 puppies or something and they allowed 3 to starve to death due to the mother not being able to feed all of these puppies.

Mafrici Mafrici
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1 Response Aug 3, 2012

Unfortunately these dogs involved have passed away.