I Stole My Neighbors' Puppy And Have It To Someone Who Loves It

Yes stealing is wrong but so is locking up a puppy all day just because you don't want to take care of it. I'd walk by their house every day and hear her crying. One day she was let out unattended. I watched her for an hour outside hoping her owner would come get her eventually. We live by two street and my 4 year old was scared she'd get hit by a car because she wouldn't stay our of the street. After an hour I took her inside 3 hours later I found her a new home. She is very loved now and so happy! No longer does she have to be in a cage and reek of her own urine.
SheWolf92 SheWolf92
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2 Responses Sep 15, 2012

Im just happy the pup is safe :)

I Loved the spirit. Great step.