What's Your Point

My Ex-friend and her sister were very cruel to here old cats. when they first found a street cat they just took it in. Of course they did not get her fixed and she had kittens. afteer the kittens were born her younger sister threw the young kitten into the bath. the poor thing was shivering like crazy and scared to death. eventually their parents had enough of the flea bitten mother and took her to a shelter. the other surviver kitten was given to a loving neighbor. the cat would be yelled at and picked up by the scruff, I tried to explain that its not safe to pick up cats like that but they only contiued to do it. After about a year the cat ran away and i see why.

After this cat was gone they got another cat the my aunt had brought done she had found. Even though i was planning on keeping the kitten the girl went and asked her parents and of course they said yes, even though they already had TWO cats with them.i was hesisten to give it up since these cats were stressed, covered in fleas and aggresive. One time she pinned a clothespin on the poor kitty's tail. aggravated i left. I never speak to her now because she could have prevented all these cats pain if she had took the proper care. Now they only have one in and out cat and every time i see it sulking around outside it only remonds me of the hate i feel for people like that

So if your going to have pets why won't you take care of them?

*sorry about spelling and grammar mistakes
SacasticButterfly SacasticButterfly
Dec 4, 2012