Makes My Heart Break

They only want to love you.  And, you abuse them.  What is the point?  Why have pets if you don't like them?  Don't get them in the first place, or take them to a shelter.  Please don't hurt the animals! 

Animals and children are both basically helpless.  Don't hurt them!  And, don't have/get them if you aren't going to love and care for them!

skinnybitch skinnybitch
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4 Responses Feb 10, 2009

The animals just don't deserve it! IT is the same as beating an infant! (seriously does anyone really think that the baby can defend itself, or help doing what pissed the person off in the first place?)

you said it soo well... i really dont understand eitherr! i hate when you watch shows about these pets that are like so abused or neglected by their own owners!! wtff- why did they get a pet?!

Exactly to you too! LOL. I think that people shouldn't go into owning a pet so quickly. Think about it first.<br />
IF you are not ready to take care of another life, that basically depends on you for their life, then don't get a pet. If you are not ready to invest time into a pet, don't get one. They need interaction too. And, if you are a violent type, who loses their cool easily, don't get a pet. They are messy, and can often be annoying. They are only trying for your love, but if you are too busy punishing them for making a mess, or being annoying, you will not notice.

exactly! getting a pet is a choice, so i've never understood why someone would take one in only to not take care of it. they know the responsibility they're taking on, and if they're not up for that then they should leave the animals for responsible owners. it's devastating to think of what some animals (and children) go through.