When I Say Puppy Or Kitten I Really Just Mean a Pet.

Why do people get animals and just leave them out in the bad weather. 

Why do they even bother to get the animal if they are not going to love that animal and spend time with it?

If you want something that does not take much time away from you get a fish, not a puppy who wants to play and then just throw them in the back yard or lock them up in a kennal all day while you are at work.

Don't get the kitten that you are not willing to take care of, spend time with and play with.

I don't understand why you would leave your puppy out side when it is raining so hard you would not even drive to the store. 

Why would you get a kitten that you know you cant affrod to take care of? 

Why would you put something you say you love through that? 

If you really loved them you would want what was best for them....even if that was not being with you.


bellasmomma bellasmomma
18-21, F
Feb 11, 2009