I Had a Terrier Named Jiggs ...

What a cool dog.  He liked me and became a pal.  Years ago in this city, Jiggs would be gone for days and we never worried if he would come back.  Once we moved quickly before he came home to rest, somehow he found our new home about a mile and a half away. 

He could look at you and tell you exactly what's on his mind.  Usually food, but he wasn't a pest or a begger.  I think I learned from him.  Able to take care of himself, he made no demands other than to be left alone when he was tired or hurt, and feed him.  One day a friend of the family brought Jiggs home after he had been hit by a car.  Back in the '70's his range covered about 120 sq. miles plus both sides of a riverbank.  He used to meet me halfway from my high school to home, dogs are just too cool.  And loyal.  I worry that the reason he got hit by a car was because he was coming to hook up with me, and I didn't see what happened to him when it did.  I have questions and regrets, because when I cross a certain street, there he is, he was like a brother ...

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Awww!! what a beautiful contribution, my friend :) reading through this made me think of my own dog!! and how loyal, intelligent! and a best friend! they really are,. <br />
What a beautiful comment DreamWizard has written and oh!! so true! :) <br />
Thank you so much for sharing your post!!! :)

No one is more loyal and loving unconditional than a dog. Oh yea, GOD. <br />
That is why DOG reflected in the mirror is GOD. <br />
GOD sent the DOG to humans as a reminder of his love for us.

Yeah misty, I think he influenced me more than I ever did him :) ... he was himself ... <br />
IVoted ... his range got ever bigger ... Friends would call from the other side of the river to let us know they had seen him :)<br />
CatsMeow ... I took his memorial down, because seeing him made me miss him ... I think I'll put the rascal back up, now that I have Wania :)

That story brought a tear to my eye. You mentioned Jiggs in one of your comments and I wanted to ask you more about him, I didn't know you'd submitted a story about him. He was obviously very special to you.

I felt that kind of loyalty from my chum and it seems only a dog can be that devoted as your story told ... thanks for elaborating ...