I Can't Understand

How people can abuse or neglect a helpless, innocent animal.

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Out breed of dog is sooooo laid back, the hardly ever bark.

I feel that same thing for stray cats. They congregate on our porch because we leave food out for them. I want to keep them all, but "not allowed". I am sure dogs are interesting I just can't handle barking.

Wow, Krypton! LOL I don't know what to say! A little extreme, at least to me. I was thinking more in line with the kindness we show animals, whether they're ours or not. I can't imagine dealing with that, not to say it's bad............ Our little IGGY is a sweet one and he takes turns with whom he spends time with but he sleeps curled up in the bed with whomever is there. Since I sleep in the day and my husband sleeps at night mostly, he is a bedbug! LOL I have a deep affinity for stray animals and I have such sympathy when I see them roaming aimlessly in the are by careless people who let them out in the country. i also know I can't take care of them all either. I'm really allergic to cats but I think they're beautiful and I love them too. They just make me sick!

Well, if that quote is true then my husband is our one and only savior reincarnated. I knew I married Jesus, this is my curse. He spends 200 bucks a month on special "flake food" for his cat, because the cat now has an addiction to it. He gives the cat a 30 minute rub down every night before we go to bed. I don't even get a rub down. He stands by the cat while he eats, to ensure that my cat doesn't eat his food. I am not allowed to come near them while the cat is eating because "I scare him". The cat is a nervous wreck and he caters to his every need. His mother has decided to lock her cats in the basement because they pee on things. The hubby now refuses to go over there because he can't handle knowing that the cats are so mistreated. I agree with him on that one :P

it's so hard to understand. I read somewhere "You can tell a man's character by how he treats animals." I believe that is true

they don't have any kind of heart and no sense of humor for animals they are cruel people out their what they do to their pets. I get sick of hearing because it's sad 2 hear about them been hurt or kill.

You're right. Too bad it can't be enforced. Also, I think everyone should be required to sterilize their pets unless they are a reputable breeder!

i tink people shouldnt have them if they cant take care of them!