They Just Moved Away and Left Their Dogs

A while back my close friend who lived across the road just moved interstate and left their dogs.  They did not notify the landlord either.  The two dogs were pedigree long haired Jack Russells.  I went over and gave them water and food everyday, however they were lonely and ended up getting a rash from fleas and heat, so after a week or so I resigned myself to the fact the family had gone for good and no-one was coming to get the dogs so I called the RSPCA.  The lady who came out was great, she said I had done the right thing...even though I felt guilty to dob in my friend.  She put a tape on the front door to see if the seal would be broken over a 24 hour period, and ended up coming back and rescuing the dogs.  I was not in a position to adopt the dogs, and hope they have had a very happy life since...I am sure they were adopted by someone great.  Anyway this friend has got back in touch after 8 years and we have not talked about this.  Although she is a nice enough person, I am dying to give her a serve about the dogs...

cactis cactis
1 Response Feb 15, 2009

i dont understand how they can do this!