It Must Be Getting Late

I thought the group title was "I hate it when people don't take care of their Pecs" and I thought damn right!


I hate man boobs.

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yayy, go the man boobs! if nothing more, this thread has helped to brighten my evening with a little humour, so thanks :)

Goats - mans ancient companion, pet and sustainer, sometimes have functional male boobs. It may be in part due to their forage. - possibley marijuana induced - no kidding!!.

What does Man Boobs have to do with people not respecting and loving pets?

Seriously, enough with the man boobs. I just had breakfast.

ManBoobs are on MSNs home page with many good links today - see A list

Man Boobs, though usefull are usually smaller than females because of the lack of hormonal support - if desired that is simpley provided by any estrogenic substance, preferably plant bioidentical phytoestrogens - see estrogenic supplements. Curiousley enviromental chemicals, plastics,sprays ect also cause manboobs - see - quite<br />
a thrid world problem. Prolactin is triggered by the pitutary as needed to produce the effect, sometimes in only days - prolonged brest feeding causes permanent enlargment - caution! - drugs are not necessary.

I'm more than a little skeptical about that. It seems that it requires drug therapy, and even then the male body doesn't have the same hormones that a female does, so I don't even know why this would be desirable.

The male mammary can be simpley stimulated to lactate by the suckling of an infant . This commonly occurs among primitives when the mother dies during childbirth and the father is left caring for the newborn. Some tribes have the fathers nurse the young while the womenfolk tend the crops. See "Fathers who breastfeed" on the internet. Man boobs are beautiful.

Hahaha the ad I see for this story is<br />
For real. Just over to the right. It's an ad for some non-man boob product. Do they really match ads up so appropriately, or is this just random? I don't know that I'll ever know.<br />
<br />
I reckon the worst is when people are so busy shopping for their man bras that they forget to feed their dogs. I hate that. I like how this story kind of manages to cover that territory, in a loose, suggested-at sort of way. Ups.

BWAAAAAAAAA that's funny. man boobs are ok, as long as they don't need anything more than a training bra! :P

But I'll stick around in this group because I agree with the actual title, too.