Animal Neglect

You know what's really stupid? They are able to take care of their kids, but not their pets! Animals are easier to take care of then people but they just say something like well since animals aren't humans, their feelings don't matter or kids are different then pets or they're just animals. Please!

MySweetLord MySweetLord
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2 Responses Nov 5, 2009

found this story in our paper.... woman from our national capital here in Australia, Canberra, has spent $7000 for surgery on her beloved moggie giving it a 10th life. Veterinary surgeons removed a walnut-sized benign brain tumour from between her skull and brain. The day after surgery Mo was eating, drinking and walking better.... there we go .. a true pet lover.

my pet hate at present is the dog 2 doors up, barks at night and starts mine off.. OK.. but why or how the owner can't tell it to shut up, is beyond me.<br />
One thing with a pet I love is they do what their