I Dont Understand Some People

I am always being told by my husband to realise that not all people treat their animals how we do ours. We used to have 2 dogs ( we lost one of our precious dogs just over 2 weeks ago) and now its just our 20 month old riley. It annoys me so much when i see dogs that are allowed to roam the streets freely and risk getting hit by cars and they seldom have collars on to know where on earth they came from. And i hate seeing dogs tied up or left outside in cold makeshift kennels with no food or water or warmth.I dont even like to see dogs tied up and left outside shops. Why do people take their animals to the supermarket and then leave them in the car?  My dog/s have the run of our house, to us he is an another child. It totally messes my brain up when you see programmes or hear stories of people starving their animals. How can anyone walk past their animal and not feed it when they are probably stuffing their own faces with allsorts. My dog has his own bed, regular food so he will never know what its like to feel hungry, when he goes out he is on a lead, never in a million years would we allow him to get out of our garden and roam the streets. He is microchipped, insured. ( my dog who we lost 2 weeks ago had exactly the same) If you love your animal then why would it have anything less than that?

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1 Response Nov 24, 2009

i absolutely agree. people often think as their dog as exactly that, THEIR dog. they think that id does not have feelings because they OWN it and they also think that it does not need love and attention because it is property, a status symbol, or both. many people do not deserve to have a pet. i am not saying that everybody is like that, but there are people out there that are like that. it sickens me.