Why Have Pets

...if you are incapable or unwilling to look after them. Pets are a joy, some people make their lives a misery.


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why aren't there newer stories on pet abuse.i posted story after story and not one reply,a month ago.i hate the abuse and neglect.

I don't know why there's so few posts. Animal abuse is as rife as ever, sadly. There has been another case in the area where I live involving the abuse of 23 dogs, sickening :(

maybe you and i can bombard this site with postings,if we can shame 1 into caring for their pet.

Animal cruelty needs to be exposed if animals are to have the chance to be treated with the love and dignity they deserve.

monkieplyr and Sunshine, I agree with both your sentiments. My pets have always been part of the family and too often animals are bought on a whim, such as xmas or Easter, and then discarded. My heart too goes out to any animal that is mistreated.

I hate when people leave their dogs and cats outside in cold or rainy weather with out shelter. My husband and I have two little dogs, a Papillon and a Havenese and we treat them like they are our children. Sometimes I think I spend more money on toys and food for them than on ourselves. Dont take a pet in if you cant give it good care. Mt heart breaks for animals that are mistreated...

dub, it's great that animal cruelty is treated seriously in California, it should be everywhere.


that is great only if the idiots are caught.even then it can be years the animals suffer.on ep there seems to be no intrest in this matter.

animal cruelty is often charged as a felony here in California,as it rightfully should be... and as we might be aware-things which begin in Cali. often carry on 'round the world.

good forum,folks-keep up the good work.

Thank you all for your comments.

Canis, yes I agree, the more we move away from the reality that we are part of the animal kingdom, the worse things will get. Any 'superior being would not wilfully treat others like some of the human race do.

Soozles, I agree with every word you say. We have a duty and a responsibility to look after the planet and everything on it, and we're doing a pretty lousy job.

ame, I'm so pleased to read that you come prepared to help any animals that need it and shake my head at yet another story of cruelty, thank you for caring.


Some people just don't get it. They don't understand the responsibility that comes with having pet animals. We have taken away their ability to survive on their own, We have domesticated these animals, We have the responsibilty to make sure they are cared for properly. So much cruelty is brought about by ignorance.

The people who are deliberately, maliciously cruel - they sicken me. To treat an animal in such a way should be reason to relinquish any right to be a member of society. Gaol, disqualification from ever owning any animal, or being left alone in the company of weak and defenceless children and adults should be the penalty. Where do these sick minds come from? I just don't understand it. Society shouldn't tolerate it.

I agree 100% Mizz. The problem, you see, is that we are constantly told that we are superior beings. Most people even go so far as to say that we are not animals. The further we dissociate ourselves from our pets, the worse it will get, unfortunately. If you look at my profile, you will probably notice how much I care about these animals and how humans constantly find ways to sicken me.


(don't worry, you're safe lol)

Thanks, blissy and Polly.

Animal cruelty is depraved, and it isn't taken anything like seriously enough in the courts. How these 'people' (they barely deserve to be called human) can do this, and then look at themselves in the mirror....they revolt me.


The thought of cruelty just makes me cry, Polly. There needs to firmer penalties, including jail I would say, and it goes without saying a lifetime ban from keeping pets.


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People don't think enough when they are buying animals for pets, whether they be 'exotic pets', or cats and dogs. We are coming up to xmas, of course, and there will be the usual harrowing tales of puppies and kittens being dumped a few days after the holiday. The lucky ones will find loving homes.

Definitely mizz ... animal cruelty sickens me.