My "best Friend" For The Past Ten Years.....

     In September 2000, I was asked if I knew anyone who would want to take on a male 2nd cross German Shepherd / Rottweiller pup, who was 12 weeks old at the time. He was one of two survivors of a litter from a deserted 1st cross ***** who had been left to produce her pups without help, among bushes on a river bank near where I live. On first sight, there was no doubt in my mind. He still had the "soft" ears then,(they came up a month later),   was beautifully marked in golden tan and black, and almost jumped into my arms, when I picked him up for the first time. My mind was made up then. He wasn't going to live with anyone else!

      We have been buddies ever since. I wish I knew as many people who are as honest, loyal, trustworthy and protective as he is!  He has seen my grandchildren grow up, and has helped them (by pushing their backsides) up steps, when as toddlers, they were too small to climb them alone.  Faithful, walks at my side off the lead, just occasionally goes "deaf" when I issue commands (Hey, ALL pet dogs do that!) and sleeps alongside me on a mat beside my bed. He argues with me, tells me when he thinks it is time to go out for a walk, reminds me that the biscuits are kept in the tin under the work top in the kitchen, and basically is a part of my immediate family.

     I know some people can't get on with dogs. That, in my view, is sadly a problem of their own.  Me? Well, as you can guess, my best pal has four legs and a fur coat, and if he brings his pals around, they all get fed! I have a dozen neighbours with dogs, and they all feel the same. I like living where I do!

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1 Response Apr 5, 2010

I love how you talk about your dog, so sweet, he has a great home. sadly some people do not understand animals like you do, and they buy a pet, love it for two weeks and ignore it for the rest of their lives, its a sad truth.