I hate seeing animals being degraded in this way. People like Paris hilton make me sick >.<. Those "cute little outfits" are so uncomfy for the animals! I don't mind dogs with the little coats that just go over their back and clip on at the belly because that doesn't bother them if it is the right size.

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Oh I agree I wonder what went wrong with those people at some stage. Poor wee dogs they should be allowed to be dogs because that is their birth right. They are not living dollies or Disney figures you can play with at will and then discard them at will. This Paris Hilton and her cohorts are not doing. Shame on them for treating animals in such a demeaning way. Thanks for sharing I can only agree.

i know what you mean ive seen dog with some really strang out fit's.

Thank you for this experience, I couldn't agree more, well spoken.