Pets Aren't People.

They're not.  Bottom line.  I can't stand when people dress animals and treat them like human babies.  It makes me sick.

Your pets don't need a photo with Santa, more importantly, I don't want to receive a pic of your pet with Santa in my mailbox.  I will never feel the emotions that I feel for human babies and children for a pet.  Sorry.  I know that I sound heartless, as people have told me this.  So freaking what!

I just don't like dealing with animals.  I would much rather have a baby than a dog.  Yeah, there are people who can't have children and compensate with animals.  To each his own.  But it's just not for me at all. 


urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
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2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

I completely understand. If people want to have pets, that's great. If their pets make them happy, that's super. But a pet is not a kid.

Oh God! <br />
Let me clarify before someone freaks the **** out!<br />
I am not some animal cruelty enthusiast! <br />
It hurts me that people abuse animals.<br />
It is okay for people to take in pets, I've had pets.<br />
But I've never treated them like babies.