How Stupid And Annoying.

My friends are just so annoying! The thing is that I’m preparing for something at the moment and it is really taking all the space in my head and soul and everything! I want it so badly and there are some problems so I can’t turn off my brain and I have no space for my friends specially that my friends stopped really being my friends!

They stopped understanding anything I say and I just realized how much different we are and how some are using me! However, not all of them are like this but two of my friends are being bitchy only because I said leave me alone for now, I don’t feel like talking and I’m very busy! Is that something so bad to say to someone?

Okay I know I said it angrily but it is because they are tricking me like I'm some 9 year old! So when you call someone many times and they do not reply, you just leave them alone! That's what normal human beings do! You do not chase them like you do not have anything better in life to do!

I have been avoiding my friends for some time because I’m just SO pressurized and really I have no room for anything, so they call me from a different number and when I answer they are like geniuses oh so you are answering strange numbers huh? It really got me angry and I hate to be fooled and I hate it when people “try” to act smart so I just refused to talk and told her to leave me alone! I do not think that requires her to hang up on me and message me calling me names! I swear  I felt like smashing the phone on her head if I see her in front of me but then I just ignored because I know her very well and I know that (ignoring) could easily get her a heart attack! Yet my other friend does the same thing and I know they are cooking it together! But what do you call it when people repeat the same action expecting different results? Well brown called it insanity, but I would say absolute stupidity !

So what the hell is that? Do I HAVE TO talk! I can’t ask for some phukin time to be alone! It is SO DAMN annoying when someone tries to force you talk!
How clingy they are!
MissGaga MissGaga
26-30, F
May 6, 2012