One of the things which really annoys me is how humanity always has this tendency to pre judge people before they even know them. Im not just talking about in todays modern society but going back hundreds and thousands of years. Because of peoples appearance, or smell or beliefs and opinions we judge other people and act by distancing ourselves, from potentially people who could be lovely, or geniuses.
What frustrates me is that in todays society is that people are so bothered about fitting in with the social norms and trying to be normal, they change their real personality and who they are to impress other people. But through everything what happens and how you act you are going to be judged and scrutinised by somebody either way, so you might as well just be yourself and be happy and stop trying to fit in. Your life and own happiness is worth more, than trying to impress people who are going to judge you either way anyway
oxzymoron oxzymoron
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I agree. Nicely said