I Was Accused of Lying

Recently, my son, was up for confirmation. It is that time of year in the Catholic rite of progression and my son is in grade 8. I was pulled aside by his Principle and told that she was sure he had not qualified for confirmation due to absenteeism. Since this was a fair accusation I did not argue. I was told that Father (of our parish) knew and in fact that it was his decision. That my son would not be forced along but that he could make his way when he was ready. I agreed.

Several days later, when my son failed to attend the retreat for confirmation, I got a phone call from the Parish. When asked about his absence from retreat I explained what we were told. I was told that what I was saying was untrue! That Father had already inquired at the school and was told I denied him his rite of passage! I called the school and left a 'very clear' message for the Principal to phone me.

I could not believe my ears!! She wants to pass this off as a series of misunderstandings rather than simply confess! I abhor lies. I hold myself and my family to a strict standard of truth. I am not okay with people in authority fluffing off their mistakes or passing the buck.

I reproved this woman for the example she set for my children 13 and 10. I also told her she better put any further correspondence to me in writing. She has broken my trust AND made me look like a liar.

Oh well, Father was good about it in the end and is willing to confirm my son anyway but he will eventually see the rot on this woman's fruit. Stuff like that usually spreads!

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2 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Unfortunately in today's modern economic world very few people feel responsible for a business beyond their "job". The two worst excuses are.."it is not my job" "I am only doing my job" take responsibility...it may not be your job but think of how easy it is to help someone with a bit of compassion and understanding

lol... it would be nice to never hear a church story!