My Best Friend Is Ignoring Me

My only best friend is ignoring me from like 2 months, we sit in the same bench but guess what, she never even says hi to me, she just keeps gossiping with her new friends , what the hell is this ?? we two have gone through much together , but after everything how can she just ignore me ? and choose her new friends over me, we two are together like from 3rd grade, and now we r in 9th grade, we've been bff for 7 years, i've asked her a lot of times that what's my fault, why she's ignoring me ? and she's like , " no, i'm not. see i'm talking to u " i just feel like a complete ***** then, sometimes when i keep a seat for her beside me, she just goes to her new friends and sits beside them, and she gives me the explanation that if she doesn't sits beside them they'll get hurt. but what about me ?? what should i do ?? someone please help me.
MerliahSummers123 MerliahSummers123
13-15, F
Sep 20, 2012