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I hate it when my husband says I overreact!!! It's so F-ing patronising!! When he says this then of course I'm going to scream louder than before!! Yes, ok, maybe sometimes I DO over react - but I don't need him pointing that out to me mid rant - that's the last thing he should do...he still hasn't learnt!! Plus if he didn't p!ss me off in the first place then I wouldn't have anything to over react on!!! Sheesh!
AWUK AWUK 31-35, F 5 Responses Nov 15, 2007

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If you were him you would be overreacting, but since your obviously not only you can say if your going beyond normal behavior.

Most definately - thanks blue!! :)

I'm sure it's him 99% of the time atleast. lol

yep it's always his fault...I am totally NEVER in the wrong...ever!! LOL!...okay maybe be occasionally, but not much :P

LMBO Your right. It's all his fault anyway. lol