Hate People That Say Im Quiet

Usually when we get new assigned seats there's a 95% chance the person next to me is a talkative person and about most of the time the person asks "Why are you so quiet?" I honestly wish i could punch that person and knock them unconcious, but being the nice and sweet girl that i am i usually just smile, and afterwards feel incredibly stupid for not saying something back. Who cares if i'm quiet sometimes i wish i could just say "Mind your own ****** business don't worry about if i'm quiet or not!" Once i lost it and started to argue with this one retarded boy who sat next to me. I can't stand it when people ask me that damn question, and when they do they don't know how much it hurts when they ask it. Personally i think i'm a lot more talkative when i'm with my family or friends especially family i could even be funny sometimes, but i don't know what it is at school i can't tell a joke to save my life. I'm not a loner or anything i don't cut myself i have at least 15 friends at school. I've been told that the kids who are extremely talkative and the ones who act out in class are the ones who didn't or don't get attention from there parents because there never home due to work...My mom gives me way to much attention she gets annoying but somehow i don't think thats the reason why i'm quiet btw im 13 born in America but i have mexican ancestors and i'm a girl

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ok that is soooo weird because im 13 i have mexican ancestors too and i have that exact same problem.I think it is the most annoying thing ever when people either say "why are you so quiet?" or "you never talk." But instead of just smilng to them just say: "why are you so loud?" it works everytime trust me. Or you can just laugh really loud right in their face, thats what i do most of the time. I sometimes feel like i have been cursed with this problem, but i just learned to move on in life and not care what other people think.

I agree with you. It's very annoying when people say this. These people are displaying their ignorance when they judge you this way. I just posted a little story about the subject. Hope you read it. Try to be patient with these people. Lead by example that being quiet equates to being classy. <br />
There's an interesting personality test you might enjoy called the Keirsey Temperament Sorter. You can find it online if you Google the words. When I took it and read the result I was amazed at the description. Then you can join an experience group with others who fit the same profile. Also you can see that your personality is what makes you special. <br />
Let me know if you do the test. It's fun and revealing in a good way.<br />