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I have a disability(Cerebral Palsy) so my mannerisms are a little funny.  I limp a little and one of my arms likes to move a lot.  I understand that people are curious, and that some look at you for a moment, but there are those that just cant stop looking at me.  Sometimes when that happens I look back at them, with a "what??" look on my face.  Sometimes I get a response.  My favorite is: "How do you live like that??"

Nice, huh?
jlynnaz jlynnaz 31-35, F 1 Response Jul 1, 2010

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Omg, that is so f****** rude! I wouldn't stare at people with disability (no offence because I know they get a lot of that daily already!). Actually I would, but that would just be when they need help.