I Hate It Why Dont They Just Ask Or Say What They Want And Stop

I cant go anywhere without being stared at.As soon as I walk in people stare it makes me feel as if I have done wrong or like they are waiting to see if I will do wrong.Usually if I notice someone stareing I will walk up say excuse me sorry to bother you but my name is dave this rotten one is my daughter Lexy and these two are my youngest 2  DJ and Michelle how are you today?Some walk off mumbling darn teens never know how to keep it in their pants and others are really nice and seem interested in getting to know more.There is still others that will stare because of the way I walk and talk but that dont bother me so much anymore I accept that Im different so people will stare its just dont stare at my kids they have done nothing wrong and it makes me get scary thoughts.
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3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

I just leave its not that I mind them looking at me its that I start thinking yeah they are waiting for me to get distracted so they can run with my kids.I dont like feeling like that so I leave.

I dont mind looking its when I can feel someone watching my every move thats when I start to worry that they are up to no good.

What do you expect someone to do when they can feel someone watching them.