Into The Soul

I think i hate when people stare so much because i have a lot to hide. Which... it's nothing TOO bad, but when you consider the fact that i grew up in a really christian household and was always looked down upon for a lot of things i did... it's hard not to have that hardwired into your brain that staring = bad when you're used to a stern gaze and "tell me the truth".

It's actually a bit scary and messed up how much i hate being stared at and why. Even when i had a boyfriend, he'd stare into my eyes and i saw the love there - but immediately had to look away because it started to weird me out. I just... there's something creepy, to me, about staring into people's eyes...
AkaiKarasu AkaiKarasu
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 31, 2010

omg I feel the same way but until I read this I never really understood why. I'm trying to get over it though because it takes alot out of me. People stare at me alot and its hard work being self consious and angry about it :). Heres to hope --my beer and french fries up to you- Try smiling the next time someone stares : )