Wondering Why People Stare At Me

When I see a person for the first time, I tend to make one look..Then I take back my look..Every normal humanbeings do this I guess..But in my experience,  lot of people tend to stare at me..In some places I wiould make myself ,feel like I am hounered..In some cases, I would make myself feel  to become proud of being stared.That's the way I make myself comfortable...But sometimes I used to wonder why they stare at me....But when we meet some one for the first time, ,always we make an  eye contact..By doing this we can detect a person's caliber to a certain extend,  I guess...But it doesn't mean that we should stare at them..The best thing to escape from this kind of people who stares, just ignore them..I wonder is there any other solution rather than ignoring??

Vijijcob Vijijcob
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7 Responses Sep 21, 2010

am nervous when men stare at me..I experience that alot.. Even if I stare back, they wont' look away as if threatening me..I feel like I'll be attacked..oh well, am so paranoid!

I've had my share of stares aswell. I hate being looked at and my social anxiety makes me think everyone is judging me. I'm not much too looka as I'm what you would call plain but there is something about me that makes people stare and I hate it because it makes me feel like some kind of freak and rather uncomfortable. True the best thing to do is to ignore it but that is too hard to do when you can literally feel their eyes on you.

People like people. I love people, the way they dress, there hair etc. The only time I stare (take a double take) is when someones attractive (man or woman) is in my presence. Like a beautiful flower...just catches your eye.

Did you know?? , it takes, people, 6 to 8 seconds to make their mind up about someone, if they like them or not. <br />
Some people are just plain ignorant and rude, or they are jealous of your handsome looks my friend,. :-)<br />
My daughter has a friend, who is exactly this way, she just stares, even at me!!!! lol :-) I think they are insecure about themselves,. Do you know what i hate!!!??? is when "little kiddeis" stand right in front of you and look up and stare!! My son's friend, who by the way is totally blind has had this happen to him, sadly!!,. <br />
Thank you!, for sharing my friend!!,. :-)

if i think someone is staring at me and not in a flattering way, i'll ask them what are they looking at? lol. i was taught that staring is rude. some people aren't so good at not making it obvious.

Anyways, Thanks for the complement of phatnhapy...The people who really wants to stare at, they don't have a choice , I guess..LoL

Maybe you're really good looking and worth staring at ? lol xox