What Do They Want?

I can't stand it when a person persistently stares at me.  I can understand a quick glance or someone staring off into space, but when they are looking straight at me for a long time or constantly glancing at me I want to shout: "What do you want?!!!".

When I was a child it used to drive me nuts and I used to ask them to stop staring at me.  I hated it when people stared at me while I was eating or working intently on something, especially if I was in a bad mood already. 

If they're smiling at me then my heart warms and I smile back but when they're gawping at me or looking me up and down I hate it.  I do not understand why I intrigue them so much or why I am such a bother to them.  

I'm trying to move on and not let it bother me so much anymore.  It's more about them than me anyways.  :o) 

Reeny Reeny
9 Responses Mar 23, 2008

I believe admiring someone coz they are beautiful warrants a look but staring is quite uncomfortable.

Just remember that it is more about them than you. They have to feel better about themselves by putting other people down. Plus, nowadays, it's popular to be mean, which is a shame. I know that the feeling doesn't go away with just that thought but it's a start. <br />
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I suppose people would think we were nuts if we asked them "why". I've tried smiling at people or saying "hello", and that does sometimes break the problem because people tend to smile back.

I know I had it too.Its like I have a right to be here just the same as you.I am always getting stared at and Also I always get dirty looks from girls

I feel like people would be in shock and things would get really awkward if I asked why they were starting at me- and then they'd probably deny it and *I'd* be the weird one!

I know. I try to tell myself the same thing but it still irks me. I get really tempted to ask them "why?" but I never know if it'll do any good. Some may be caught by surprise but others may be tempted to say something back. Then all hell breaks loose. lol

true, if they're looking in a nice, non-intrusive/judgmental way it's ok. But I usually notice the ones who are trying to stare me down or checking me out in a really ob<x>jectifying, judgmental way, which I think is really rude.<br />
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and you're right- it is more of their issue, but it still annoys me :)

It depends on how or why they're looking at you. I hate it when a group of people look and then talk amongst themselves because I can't imagine them saying anything nice. If you're different than others they may look but that is just human nature. It doesn't mean they are looking at you in a bad way and they may be intrigued by you! :) And the others are just judgemental *********! They probably have more of an issue with themselves than they do with you.

I hate when people stare or look me up and down. It p*sses me off- why can't they just keep to themselves and leave me alone!?

Thanks palecowboy for the comment. Nice profile pic!