I Bark At Them...

I do realise I come from a very small town (3500 habitants) and that most people here never change. They've been looking the exact same since high school plus they don't go out much, they all shop at the same stores resulting in all being dressed the same. I am the outcast, the girl who left home at 14 and moved to the big city (Montreal). So I came back after 11 years and i'm wearing designer brands, 6 inch heels, I change my hair color every other week and my Pitbull goes wherever I go. I get dirty looks all the time, mostly from seniors or fat girls in jogging pants. I got this ''5 second rule'' where I allow people to stare for 5 seconds, then I bark at them like a Chiwawa. Throws people right off. They feel uncomfortable, just as being stared at feels like AND i get a kick out of it :) I also stick my tongue out or make the ugliestest face I possibly can when stared at but unable to be heard barking lol. Ahhh silly me eh..
Rheanna28 Rheanna28
26-30, F
May 22, 2012