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How Do I Tell Her To Stop Staring At Me Without Being Offensive?

I work with this woman who comes into the office and stands there to talk to me. During the entire time she stares at me. When the conversation is over she stays there and keeps staring. It's like "go away!". I can't stand it. I tried staring back but that was too awkward. It kills me and makes my anxiety go through the roof. What do I say or do to get her to take the hint and stop staring? (without being rude)
vicarious1 vicarious1 36-40, F 2 Responses Jun 22, 2012

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Leave her a note, just be honest as you can or tell her an outrageous lie about the dream you had. The one where the woman was standing there and the roof caved in and you woke up, not knowing what happened to that poor lady. **** I would move if I was her. :)

I'm pretty outspoken often times. Personally I would state bluntly "your staring makes me a bit uncomfortable, would you mind not drilling holes in my head with your eyes?"