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What the hell are you staring at?! Whenever someone stares at me, I start to get self-concious. I always worry if I have something in my nose or teeth or if my liner is smudged and looks stupid. I also think if I have a huge growing pimple or something. That's why I look and walk away to avoid any awkward conversation.
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Well it is very common here in China. As a foreigner I get stared at all the time. They simply do not see many of us but hey that is ok. I stare back or ask what is your problem? My students are the opposite and really think it is great for me being here. Try to not let it bother you. on the funny side my brother is an undercover cop. At times he changes his appearance and once had a mohawk as he received many stares. He did not care. Think today he has long hair a huge beard. Wonder what people think.

It does not make any sense to put the name of a place in your sentences "HELL". HELL is a place , not a word. Anyway, the people who stare are used to getting a bad attitude back.So what I do is throw them a curve ball answer to them. Like "am I wearing your shirt? oh do you like it? Just say something funny.This way you will not raise your blood pressure in a meaningless way.

I TRY not to let it bug me, but then I think to myself-should I say, "May I help you". Say this next time it happens "If your going to stare,do you have something to share? hey!! that rhymed. The donkey from shrek says- C O O L hmmm......!

I completely agree, 105%.<br />
<br />
That's always how I feel... and then I'll look in the mirror and theres nothing.<br />
I never do get that.!!

I know exactly what you mean. I do the same thing. I just can't stand people looking at me in general honestly, but when people stare... honestly, I think I could just die right there.