I went to dinner with my mom tonight and an older gentleman proceeded to stare at my the whole time until I told my mom and she gave him a look then he didn't look at me again. Glad she was there, I just hate going in public because people have staring problems.
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Or you're are too pretty and people like to admire beauty

There is a subtle difference between staring and admiring. And if you are making the person feel uncomfortable then you should do neither.

Couldn't agree more

Oh I know what you mean. Depending on my mood, when I'm really pissed off or super calm, I stare right back, like a dominance thing, If I look away I'd feel like ****. But when I'm down in the dumps things like that intimidate me, which makes me angry but I don't look right back. Still, the point is, it's rude, unless you have something to point out or say.

haha I do the same! he was creepy! I was just trying to enjoy a dinner with my mother and people have to make me feel uncomfortable!

lol, a waste of food if you can't concentrate on enjoying it!