The Solution Is Simple.

don't like people sticking their nose in your business? then keep your business to yourself, simple as that. when we ourselves take the lid off of our private lives, can we really be mad at those that dig around in our business? we've opened the door and let everyone in so maybe we should be upset at ourselves instead for laying bare our deepest secrets and subjecting ourselves to the opinions and criticisms of others because that can happen, right or wrong and it's naive to think that it won't. next time, consider keeping your lips zipped instead of revealing all.
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Couldn't agree more!

Um don't agree it's not that simple. I have neighbors that watch my every move I make out side my apartment. I don't talk to them but they are always in my business. They know when my boy friend comes over, They know if I scratch my ***, They know when I come and go. I don't want them in my business but to broke to move!!!

dealing with nosy neighbors in your business is different from what i had in mind for this story. my issue is with people on ep that tell their deviant secrets and don't expect to have people in their business or be criticized. those are the ones that need to keep their business to themselves.

I do not agree! Sorry but some of us have no other way to vent our feelings so we take to various places such as this or Facebook to vent about a situation. I just had this happen to me over my wedding photographer that happens to be my husband’s friends Niece...I said nothing about her being anything out of her name (like calling her a b***h or anything!) all I said is that I want my pictures and that things are getting ridicules. And I have the aunt come at me like I am in the wrong! Cause this niece who is no professional at all, has no photography business. Got a basically free 100$ in this economy 100 is hard for me or my man to come up with we don’t have it just lying around. And all she had to do was come click pictures....get out of here! Aunt try’s telling me that I would spend 500$ and up for a wedding ...yeah for a professional! and I am lucky she got her to do me the favor....a favor is doing something for free not 100 dollars of your working poor money...the damn nerve of people! If she would have come at me with something like "she is doing the best she can, she has been busy with work or kids or what have you" than ok...but do not come at me in my business like she did us a miracle! is BS

you're situation and the kinds of things that people on ep confess to, and don't expect any negative reaction, it's two different things. what you're venting about i have no issue with.

good post. you can't blame people for being in your business if you so willingly put it out there.

that's right. even after nearly four years on ep there are things that i haven't discussed and none of it is on the level of ******. i would keep my trap shut if i had that going on.

exactly right! and if you're writing about your unhealthy, incestous relationship with your daughter, i'd rather that you keep your business to yourself. spill it if they want but don't be surprised when the criticisms come along because they will. i think it's pretty naive to think that they won't.

Omg... that's not business that's crime! And if you brag about crime you deserve to get busted!

i know that's right,on both counts.

Yes they can't put their noses in your business if they don't know where your business is!