Grrrrr I Say!

Loath it. If you want to text or talk on your phone, don't go to a movie, or why not download it at home and only bother yourself?!? Why pay $12+ to talk your way through the movie?? You're already paying to talk to whomever is on the phone, but you are going to pay for the movie you don't see as well?? And you can talk to this person any other time on the planet, but you choose now??? can't it wait?!

Not to mention that everyone around you hates you because you are being rude and annoying, and if this was a less civilised cinema-going country we'd all throw things at you. And on the scale of 1 to 10, 1 being people who neck in the cinema, 5 being people who talk in the cinema, and 10 being if Ted Bundy was in the cinema, you are an 11. I hope your minutes run out and you drop your phone so the cover cracks and your battery goes wonky so you only get 10 minutes of power at any given time.

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9 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Ahahahaha I would have given you 10 points for creativity - so much more interesting that being really strong or being able to fly!

LOL Absolutely. <br />
Of course it is.<br />
That reminds me, once a friend of mine who was forever asking these questions, asked me what I would want my super power to be and I mentioned one I'd read about that was the power to give ******* at a touch/thought lol. She seemed really shocked and I changed it to telepathy lol but I stand by my original choice now... if your talking incapacitating your villian, then that'll do it! ROFL

Hottness is totally a super power!

Hmmmm..... Let me try it.... Yikes! You have a point there. The only super heroine whos name should be censored before 9pm lol. <br />
Evil cell-phone-using movie-goers will be similtaneously allured and terrorfied!! Which is kindalike a super power.... I guess lol.

Melted Choc Top Girl sounds hot - say it in a deep breathy voice and you'll see. I think we have a winner!<br />
Cell-phone-in-the-movie offenders beware!

LOL Well.... when you put it like that! :P<br />
Popcorn Girl has a better ring to it... but is far less damaging to the offender's upholstery. Maybe Melted Choc Top Girl???

Oh no no no you can't do that - what if you get caught and then the papers call you Slurpee Girl - sounds like a bad superhero pornstar name! We can't have that! ;)

lol Yes, it was a good vent!! Makes me laugh now too which is even better lol.<br />
Hmmmm.... you are very right about that... perhaps the power of negative thinking? If I stare at the dimly lit back of their head for long enough while thinking 'shut up' perhaps it will work? :D Yes? <br />
I could always follow them into the parking lot and tip the remnants of my slurpee in their car window?? lol Yeah, that sounds satisfying... if potentially embarrassing once arrested lol.

Hehehe hope you felt better after this little vent.... <br />
The worst part is the limited way you can show your displeasure at the time - to stand up and tell them to turn the damn thing off is just as disruptive to other viewers, throwing stuff gets you kicked out, and dirty looks have no impact - too dark to see them. Sigh.