I Don't Smile 24/7.

I can't stand when people tell me to smile, or assume I'm mad because I'm not smiling.  My normal, comfortable facial expression is not a smile.  All it means is I'm relaxed.  Damn!

I used to babysit for these people and EVERYTIME I came over the dad would be like, "Why aren't you smiling?  Do you hate being here?"  I always had to explain myself, every damn week!  If I'm happy I only smile for that initial moment of happiness, then I go back to my regular face.  I mean, inside I'm smiling and dancing around, but on the outside I want to stay comfortable.

People have accused me of being "never satisfied", when I'm perfectly content.  Someone once said, "You're a little *****.  You're never satisfied, I haven't seen you smile once since we've been here."  I then proceeded to cry, because I cry when people say mean things to me like that.  Especially if I don't deserve it.  I hate having to defend my normal face.

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5 Responses Mar 27, 2009

I know. I think people who smile all the time look like psychopaths.

From when I was born I seldom smiled. My mother frequently recorded it in her baby diary. "She hasn't smiled much of late." I have always had a face that is a little sharp when I am in repose. It does not mean that I am mad, bad, sad or whatever. I am just relaxing. Next time someone tells me to smile I will say "So amuse me" with the most deadpan look I can muster.

Yep me too! I have way more friends "on line" than I do in person. I am almost 50 and I STILL get accused of being mad, stuck up, better than other people etc..... Being in the 18-21 group you've got a long road ahead of you, but there are people out there that DO give you a chance despite our lack of smiling faces.

You're welcome. It really sucks because people are always accusing me of being mad, rude, stuck up, bored...

I am a happy person and love to laugh but for the most part my face never shows it. When I was able to work people were constantly telling me to smile UGH! FINALLY someone like me. Thank you for writing this story!!!!!!