I Thought All This Was Over.

I thought all this high school drama had been left behind, it was a thing of the past. People interfering, people making rumors, people just being immature and well.. horrible. But, no. Clearly I was wrong.

On new years, of all days it could have been, I get a phone call from my best friend saying that my boyfriend 'liked' two others girls and had asked them out and all sorts. My initial reaction, of course, was to have a bit of a break down. She told me all the information she knew and told me to wait where I was and she'd come and get me. After we hung up, I phone my boyfriend. He told me it was all garbage and that people were lying, but it just did not make sense. Where would it all come from? Surely it sprung from somewhere? And he also told me to stay were I was and he would come and get me.

My best friend arrived on the scene first. We went into the club and my boyfriends best friend was there, and so was one of the girls he apparently liked. His best friend insisted it was all lies, however, she had a different story.

So, so far, I've got; it's all a load of rubbish, yeah he liked then and now yeah, he also asked her out.

What am I meant to do with all this information? I don't believe he liked the second girl and when the first girl apparently happened we were on a 'break' so really does it matter? All I wanna know is why?

I love him with all my heart and I don't want to lose him ever again. I trust what he is saying. I don't think he asked her out. But does he know more?

Does the fact I doubted him make me a bad person? I mean, I'd completely understand him if he did like other girls, I'm not anything special and he has to put up with a lot of **** from me, so really it's understandable. And it's not the same as cheating, I know he wouldn't ever do that.

What if I've ruined it all? What if the lies they have told have finally ruined everything I have? They've took my best friend and now my boyfriend. I don't know what I done to them to deserve all this, I barely even know them and they don't know me. Am I really that bad a person? Why have they done this to me?

Both my best friend and boyfriend have changed a bit over the past year, is that why? Do they blame me for this?

I just don't know what to do, I don't understand.

concretewings concretewings
18-21, F
Jan 10, 2013