Alright, this is an incredibly long and pointless rant, but I haven't posted anything here in ages, so here we go.

If somebody tries to touch me, I will punch them in the ******* gut.

Maybe it's just me, but being touched anywhere just feels so... idk, awkward, I guess. "But that kind of behavior is perfectly normal!" -Unless you almost feel molested when you're being hugged.

Idk, it's a kind of weird thing. And the fact that I am extremely ticklish doesn't really help my case. (I swear, even a slight poke in my side tickles like hell and it's so uncomfortable at the same time, so if somebody tickles me I'm laying there, laughing defenselessly as all I have in mind is "Murder.")

I wonder when it started, actually. I can't remember when I've ever "accepted" anyone's touch, ahah (as awkward as that sounds.) But yeah. I should really get over it soon; I think I once "accidentally" punched a girl's broken arm cause' she touched my shoulder (which I almost hate more than anything else, except hugging) and... yeah. She hated me for weeks, ahah;; xD

Maybe I'm overreacting, ahah. I should really get over it before I kill somebody. :p

Anyhow, long and pointless rant, I know. But whatever, I really needed to post something here before I completely forget EP still exists, so... Here ya' go.
xRikku xRikku
Aug 31, 2014