Why, Oh Why!?

I'm not a mother-tongue English speaker but I've always loved it. It is such a beautiful language, I cringe with horror when I find grammar mistakes (like "I seen" or using the simple past instead of the present perfect, just to name one!) or spelling mistakes (typical: "there" instead of "they're") made by native speakers. Please, don't spoil your wonderful language! 

PurpleQueen PurpleQueen
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2 Responses Mar 4, 2009

I'm English by birth and it annoys me greatly to see people stamp all over my language. The likes of Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Bryon and our other playwrights and poets have inspired many people. However, in this day and age to see such beautiful words misspelt or used in completely the wrong context just makes me want to cry. English is such a beautiful language, I just wish more people like yourself, could appreciate it to its fullest.

I don't judge people... I just say that I don't like to hear or read grammar mistakes, being them in English or my mother tongue (which is, by the way, Italian). I have friends who make mistakes, and they're still my friends! :D But still, I think that a correct use of grammar is necessary to build up clear and fluent sentences and speeches-which is the aim of every communication, I guess